Ceiling Recessed
Ceiling Recessed Electric Screens

Electric Screens — Whether you need a wall mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling recessed, tab-tensioned or non-tab tensioned, Churchpower.com can obtained the right screen for your application. Combine the perfect screen with the perfect control option and you have a quality product that delivers quality and performance.




Tab Tensioned

  • Access/V - Install the case first, then screen later. Motor in roller.
  • Access MultiView/V - Ultimate flexibility with independent motorized masking system installed in the same case.  Second motor in roller converts screen to 4:3.
  • Signature/V - Features an independently motorized aluminum ceiling closure for virtually invisible installation when closed.
  • Ultimate Access/V - Like all access screens, install the case first and the screen later. Features independent motorized ceiling closure with precision timing and fluid movement


  • Access/E - Flexible installation options with case first and screen later. Features motor in roller design.
  • Access MultiView/E - One Access screen, two formats, with motor in roller design. Black masking on second motor in roller assembly.
  • Ambassador - Direct drive heavy duty for installation above any type of ceiling. Hand crafted of the finest quality components with fast, dependable operation. Black all wood case.
  • Envoy - Designed with conference and meeting rooms in mind, with motor in roller for long life. Easy installation, featuring ceiling closure panel that can be finished to match ceiling.
  • Signature/E - Features automatic ceiling closure with concealed hinges for clean installation.
  • Ultimate Access/E - Install case first, screen later. Features motor in roller. Ceiling closure opens into the case with smooth, fluid movement.