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Interested in God's Way to handle your finances? Topics include Getting out of Debt, Giving, Who is Your Real Boss, Honesty, Investing, Children & Finances, Budgets, Standard of Living, Perspective - What's Really Important?  Seminars are also offered or small groups.  My wife and I attended the Small Group Facilitator's Seminar and found it awsome.  If you would like to hold a seminar in your area, please contact us.


Church Resources - My home web site.  Microsoft licenses and church management software, making your church office efficient 



The Baptist, your home for Christian radio, Bible study, Biblical reference materials, downloads of Bibles and Biblical reference materials, Christian schools, ancient maps, church father biographies, and more!


 Their aim is to provide a site for Christians from a Baptist point of view, where our goal is provide information and entertainment for all Christians.  Head on over and see for yourself. 




OAFC stands for Outdoor Adventuremen for Christ.  This is a group of about 28 churches from tne Niagara Region in Southern Ontario.  If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love being a part of this group of men.