S-Video Cable
S-Video Cable
Mustang’s line of S-video extension cables passes luminance and chrominance information on high resolution coaxial cables up to 100’ (or 30.47 meters). With their durable molded connections, flexible jacket and gold-plated connector pins, S-video cables are ideal for maintaining signal integrity over long runs.
CA-SV3MM 3ft Male to Male
CA-SV6MM 6ft Male to Male
CA-SV15MM 15ft Male to Male
CA-SV25MM 25ft Male to Male
CA-SV50MM 50ft Male to Male
CA-SV75MM 75ft Male to Male
CA-SV100MM 100ft Male to Male
CA-SV125MM 125ft Male to Male
CA-SV175MM 175ft Male to Male
CA-SVM15SVF 15ft Male to Female
CA-SVM25SVF 25ft Male to Female
CA-SVM50SVF 50ft Male to Female