BNC Cable
BNC Cable

These multi-channel, 75-ohm coaxial high resolution cables have five male, 75-ohm BNC connectors located at each end. Designed to work in tandem with a variety of interfaces, distribution amplifiers and the Mustang line of scalers and switchers, these cables can be used to pass RGBS-format computer video, component video, s-video and composite video signals.

CA-5BNC3MM 3ft 5 BNC to 5 BNC
CA-5BNC6MM 6ft 5 BNC to 5 BNC
CA-5BNC12MM 12ft 5 BNC to 5 BNC
CA-5BNC25MM 25ft 5 BNC to 5 BNC
CA-5BNC50MM 50ft 5 BNC to 5 BNC
CA-5BNC100MM 100ft 5 BNC to 5 BNC