Mulitpurpose Hitachi
Regular Sanctuary Projectors (10′ to 30′ throw distances)

 Hitachi Multi Purpose 3LCD Projectors

This range of high-quality projectors meets the needs of our most discerning customers. Whether you use them to make an impact on colleagues, business partners and customers, or to enhance learning during seminars, Hitachi Multi-Purpose models provide the perfect blend of quality, affordability, durability and mobility.

Multi-Purpose projectors from Hitachi help you present your ideas clearly and effectively, whether you are presenting to colleagues, customers or students. They offer excellent image quality, reduced fan noise, and built in security features that reduce the risk of theft. Importantly, they are also highly portable and easy to use.

Selected Multi-Purpose projectors offer Ultra Short Throw technology which generates a 60” image at a screen distance of just 42cm. As a result, you can reduce shadowing and display crystal-clear images, even in the smallest meeting rooms and classrooms.