Spandex Screen
Spandex Screens

Our one-size-fits-all giant screen is an interesting optiona church looking for a portable projection solution with a sleek design and tremendous versatility. The screen comes complete with carry bag and attaching straps.

This screen can be used as a permanent or portable front and rear projection surface. It can be installed in less than 5 minutes.  It can be purchased without trussing for only $249 or with a truss for only $329.



Screen Specifications:

Size (unstretched)
7 feet wide X 5 feet high 

Stretch size (corner to corner)
width (8 to 11 feet), height (6 to 8.5 feet) - Simply pull to obtain desired size

Front or Rear projection, can be used indoors or outdoors

Attaches to our truss or any truss or surface with standard bungee cords. Screen is made with 8 Gromet-free & tearproof anchor points (4 corners + 4 sides).


All our screens are guaranteed to outlast any other type of screen available on the market

No ironing, no rolling, no folding needed. Machine Washable or dry-cleaning

Fire resistance
All our screen are treated with Guard-X flame retardant

Screen design
Create your own design by using all or only some of the anchor points to attach the screen


Truss Specifications: 

2 black aluminum tripods with safety locking pins. 
Tripods extend to 10' Two 5' I-beams fit together to create a 10' trussing span with center support bracket . Also can be a 5' stand System capacity: 200 lbs evenly distributed Truss diameter: 1.5" 38 lbs (17.2 kg).