Mustang SC - F84W43

Mustang's fixed frame projection screens easily assemble and install to a wall. When looking for clean - line design that also delivers top-of-the-line performance, choose Mustang's fixed frame projection screen. Assembling in just minutes, the black frame snaps together, and the fabric material of the screen clips into place. Just as easily, the fabric screen can be unclipped from the frame, and tossed into the washing machine. The matte white screen surface optimizes brilliant color, allowing for vivid imaging. The viewing surface lies perfectly flat and is made of acoustically transparent material that permits speakers to be installed directly behind the viewing surface - just like in the movie theaters. The high quality frame has a sleek modern appearance and absorbs projector "over scan." When your image matters, Mustang's fixed frame projection screen delivers quality top of the line video performance.





• NTSC video aspect ratio 4:3
• 84" diagonal size
• 70" x 54" physical dimensions
• High-contrast white surface


PDF Datasheet