Easyworship Software
EasyWorship 6

EasyWorship is church software designed specifically for churches to project worship songs, Bible verses, Videos, PowerPoint presentations, nursery alerts and quick messages on a video projection system using a single computer with dual monitor outputs.  It also happens to be the #1 rated product for displaying media. 



Download the demo here 


At the heart of the Presentation Designer is a robust new Inspector panel. Get started with basic text editing and spell check, or get creative with advanced features like custom transparency and reflections for graphic elements as well as added controls for text outline, shadows, borders and bullets. Need to make on-the-fly changes to a slide before the audience sees it? Click the Compose button for quick editing.

If you’re a pro user, you’ll appreciate custom looping and transitions for lobby kiosks and pre-service announcements, double and triple wide layout support for triptychs and panoramics, and transparent PNG support for logo watermarks. The Presentation Designer also allows unlimited element stacking for max design flexibility (add multiple video elements on a slide along with any number of text boxes, scriptures or songs...as long as your computer hardware can support it!)