Electric Screens
Wall/Ceiling Mounted Electric Screens

Electric Screens — Whether you need a wall mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling recessed, tab-tensioned or non-tab tensioned, Churchpower.com can obtained the right screen for your application. Combine the perfect screen with the perfect control option and you have a quality product that delivers quality and performance.




 Wall or Ceiling Mounted Electric Screens


Tab Tensioned

  • Premier - Black pentagonal steel case, motor in roller for smooth, silent operation.  White case available.
  • Silhouette/V - Streamlined extruded aluminum case without exposed fasteners or mounting fixtures. Screen and dowel retract completely inside case. Standard dove grey, white and black available.


  • Baronet - Compact, inexpensive motor in roller screen. Scratch resistant white polyester finish.
  • Paragon - Great for auditoriums and large halls. Motor in roller. Designed for suspended installations.
  • Rolleramic - Ideal for larger installations. All wood case may be ceiling recessed or painted to match surroundings. Ships black.
  • Salara - Attractive elliptical extruded aluminum case featuring floating gunlatch brackets and domed end caps. Motor in roller.
  • Salara Plug & Play - Identical to Salara but no wiring necessary. Comes with built in IR receiver, remote, and 10’ power cord.
  • Silhouette/E - Slender, contemporary design. Screen and dowel retract completely within case. Removable front fascia for service. Ships with dove grey case. White or black available.
  • Targa - Inexpensive contemporary motor in roller design, with trim balanced appearance. Finished in scratch resistant white polyester finish. Black available