Viewsonic Projectors

Image is everything when making a multimedia presentation. ViewSonic raises the standards for projection display technology with a line of high quality, affordably priced projectors. Perfect for high profile boardrooms, presentations on the road, classrooms and religious sanctuaries, ViewSonic projectors are essential tools for any presentation environment.

Don't forget they're also great for watching Sunday football games or movies on the living room wall. And, now they come with a three-year warranty, one-year Express Exchange service and a one-year lamp warranty -- the best warranty in the business.


Long Throw Projectors (over 30′ throw distances)

Viewsonic PRO8500


Viewsonic PRO8600


Viewsonic PRO8520HD


Viewsonic PRO10100



Regular Sanctuary Projectors (10′ to 30′ throw distances)

Viewsonic PJD7333                                              


Viewsonic PJD7533w


Viewsonic PRO8400


Viewsonic PRO8450W