Christie Digital Projectors

Houses of Worship

A growing number of churches are implementing sophisticated projectors and projection systems in an effort to become more culturally relevant and to add a new visual element to the worship service. Christie has a broad range of DLP® and LCD digital projection equipment to help bring brilliant images to the worship service, capturing the hearts and minds of the congregation and bringing the message of the ministry to life.

From lyrics to a hymn, words to help bring perspective, or an integral part of a celebration or seasonal event, in today’s places of worship it's important to make sure that whether they sit in the first row or the last pew, your congregation receives the message.


You can download the projection calculator here or use the online calculator from Christie here

Long Throw Projectors (over 30′ throw distances)


Christie LW401

Christie LX501

Christie LW551i

Christie LX601i             

Christie LWU701i-D

Christie LW720       

Christie LX801i-D