What's New with Worship Him

Worship Him news:


5/5/08: Version 3.95 released. New features:
Improved 'Launch other' feature: added the ability to send keystrokes to the launched application window and added an adjustable delay before moving to projector's display or sending keystrokes to the 'Other' Window. This can be useful when the launched application requires a special keypress to activate a desired feature like fullscreen view, or to start playing, etc. 'Launch other' is no longer supported in macros.

Added 'Launch web' feature to facilitate launching web content. Includes 'Launch in projector's display' and adjustable delay and keystrokes features like in 'Launch other' described above.

Added 'Auto start slideshow' to PowerPoint launch options. Automatically starts a PowerPoint presentation after launching. Especially useful for automatically starting PowerPoint 2003 + higher presentations (*.ppt or *.pptx) that are set to display in monitor two and use the 'Presenter view'.

Added support for Open Office Impress slide shows. Slide shows can be launched on the fly, or added to queue lists. Slide shows can optionally start automatically after launching.

Fixed video backgrounds for announcements not auto-looping.

Added the option to password-protect song editing.

Suitcase files and queue lists from previous versions are not compatible with version 3.95.

Added 'Edit projector setup files' button to the Announcement builder window.

Fixed printing only one copy when more than one selected under Windows Vista.

Added transitions: Quarters in and out, Halves in and out, and Halves-slide in and out.

Improvements to nursery alert/message feature:
Message can now be set to top, center, bottom position.
Select from steady, flashing, or scrolling message styles.
Selectable font style and size.

Added a 'Use large margins' option in the Worship time window's 'Options', 'Projector display options' menu. When selected it keeps song, bible verse, and announcement text from extending as far to the edge of the screen. Good for projectors or genlock devices that would otherwise cut-off the edges due to over-scan.