Worship Him
About WorshipHim

Media support:

Bible verses
Sermon points
Open Office Impress
Picture slideshows
Video clips
Audio clips
DVD player
DVD clips
CD player
CD play lists
CD random play


Feature summary:

Dual monitor
Site license standard
Simultaneous shadows and outline
Many transitions, including 'Fade-simultaneous'/ blend
Text over video
Build queue list for scheduled events
+Access unscheduled events quickly and easily
Drag and drop support
100 picture backgrounds (+ add your own)
13 Video backgrounds (+ add your own)
Gradient and vignette backgrounds created on the fly
Announcement/sermon point builder
Announcement looping
Edit songs and queue lists while announcements running
Optionally password protect song adding and editing     
Nursery/message alerts. Select position, duration, flashing, scrolling, etc.
Video clips with volume control, looping, and preview
CCLI import
Integrity import
Suitcase pack/unpack feature for easy transfer of files
Song usage tracking and reports
Per-song operator notes
Sound recorder
As you type spell checking
Enhanced copy/paste
Serial port projector control
Phrase search songs with search by title, author, pub, etc
Phrase search Bible
8 Bible versions included, more available
Database of over 700 public domain hymns
Launch web content
Launch external apps and documents

Feature details:

A site license comes standard with your purchase of Worship Him allowing the original purchasing individual or church to install Worship Him on as as many computers as you need as long as it's for your own use only. No need to purchase additional licenses.
Click here for details.

A queue list of just the items you expect to use can be created and saved for each worship service, making them even faster and easier to select. Songs, Bible verses, announcements, sermon points, PowerPoint presentations, image files, video clips, audio clips, CD tracks, DVD clips, Shockwave/Flash movies, and other files/apps can all be included in queue lists. Queue lists can also be easily emailed in the message body or as an attachment.

Powerful display engine. Easily select left or right shadows with three levels each, four levels of outline, different colors for shadows and outline, and include outline and shadows simultaneously. Five gradient and vignette effects. Background pictures or video clips (mpeg1 and avi supported), fully configurable fonts and colors including an alternate font and color for responsive readings, and many title border/frame options. Five vertical spacing selections, five vertical centering selections, and three horizontal centering options.

Many transition options. Select from 15 different transitions, each with direction and speed selections. (We do not count different directions as a different transition). You can also select a different exit and entrance transition for each event, and select 'Random' for transition types as well as directions. Exit transitions can transition to background picture, black, or any other color. Entrance transitions can even be set to automatically compliment the exit transition.

Excellent Bible verse support, including phrase search. Bible verses have their own display options and can be saved to disk or added to queue lists. Versions included: King James, American Standard, World English, Young's literal, Reina Valera (Spanish), Luther Bible (German), and Loius Segund (French). NIV, The Message, and NAS also available for purchase. See the Worship Him Bible page for details. Also easily drag and drop Bible text from any Bible software into the Bible verse window. A 'Format' button automatically makes each line fit the projector's display.

Announcement and sermon point slide builder. Powerpoint not required.

Fully integrated DVD player. (Requires Windows XP or higher) DVDs automatically play in projector's display. Includes DVD menu and chapter navigation, preview mode, hide when stopped, hide when paused and always on top options. You can also define and save clips/segments for putting into queue lists. Note: See DVD help file topic for system requirements/compatibility.

Fully integrated audio CD player. Features: play, pause, stop, track skip forward and back, search, loop track, loop CD, random play, and play lists. CD tracks and play lists can also be inserted into queue lists for easy selection/playback

'Queue list autorun' and macro features enable easy automation of Worship Him for hands free presentation with pre-recorded music or displaying announcements. Both include 'Loop continuously' and 'Display in primary monitor' options. Songs and queue lists can still be edited while auto-run or macros are running.

Import songs downloaded from CCLI's Song Select Lyric Service, from CCLI's Song Select 3.0 software, or Integrity Worship Software.

Automatically track song usage, and generate reports with just a few mouse clicks.

Easy song adding and editing, including full cut and paste support and as you type spell checking. Worship Him even shows you when a line is getting too long to fit the projector's display area as you type.

Fully configurable auto-backup feature with easy restore capability.

Powerful formatting options for song printouts and copying songs to the clipboard for pasting into other applications.You can select just what components you want, in what order, and whether you want the label, the full text, or both. Settings can be saved individually for each song.

Launch PowerPoint presentations right from Worship Him. Insert them in your queue lists for easy access, and even import them into Worship Him for the same kind of dynamic presentation capability Worship Him gives you with songs. Your slides are spread out before you, so you can just click on a slide to show it.

PowerPoint presentations and other programs launched from Worship Him can be automatically moved to the projector's (secondary) display. This eliminates the need for a switchbox to switch the projector from the secondary to the primary display when you want to show a PowerPoint slideshow. PowerPoint presentations can be set to automatically start when launched.

Play video clips in full screen or preview mode (for queing them up without showing on the projector's screen).  AVI, MPG, MPEG, M1V, MP2, MPA, MPE, MPV2, and M3U formats supported. Video clips can be placed in queue lists for easy access or selected on the fly. Also includes 'Loop continuously' and 'Hide when paused' options.

Play audio clips. WAV, MP3, MID, ASF, and WMA formats supported. Audio clips can be placed in queue lists for easy access or selected on the fly.

Play Shockwave/Flash movies from queue lists or selected on the fly.

Full Dual monitor support for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Advanced single monitor support: Slideshow mode, RS232 flash-freeze, queue list autorun, and macros give Worship Him great flexibility even on a single monitor system.

A special 'Operator notes' window allows you to type unique instructions for each song, like: "Long interlude after verse 1" etc.

Full search with "select from results" capability for both songs and Bible.

Generate messages for nursery, cars with lights left on, etc without interrupting flow of worship. Selectable message position, duration, font style and size, and select from flashing, steady, or scrolling message styles.

RS232 projector control. Includes Power on/off, input select, freeze/unfreeze and blank/unblank. Fully programmable for most projectors.

A full featured help system to guide you every step of the way.

Many pre-made projector setup files, complete with beautiful background images so you can achieve stunning results immediately.

Easily copy songs from one song database to another with the merge utility.