Wireless Short Throw Projector Audio System
Wireless Short Throw Projector Audio System

Peerless-AV takes professional short throw installations to a whole new level with its Short Throw Projector Audio System. Featuring the convenience of amplified stereo sound, this unique system fully enriches any classroom, meeting room or training experience. Rich audio reproduction is powered by a class-D amplifier with wireless volume control and the ability to mix AV content with a microphone signal. This state-of-the-art short throw projector AV system offers quick and easy installation, fine-adjustment features, and plug-and-play setup.

For Short Throw Projectors up to 25lb (11kg)


  • 5-1/4" woofers with 1" post tweeters offer ideal frequency response for AV content as well as spoken voice
  • 25W x 2 class-D Amplifier features AV and microphone inputs with gain adjustment, treble/base/balance adjustments, stereo/mono bridging, and wireless remote control
  • Wireless remote controls for Amplifier are included for cable-free convenience
  • Three adjustable arm lengths from 18.04" to 64.31" (458 to 1633mm) to accommodate short throw projection distances
  • Removable cover includes security hardware, steel skeleton, acrylic skin, and easy-clean speaker grills
  • All electronics are protected by security brackets to safeguard from theft
  • Up to 3" left or right horizontal adjustment after installation for perfect projector image positioning
  • Up to 3-degrees of vertical adjustment can be made to compensate for sag in arm or wall
  • Surge protector to power and protect all equipment within enclosure is included
  • Includes PRGS-UNV Projector Mount offering +15º/-20º Pitch, ±5º Roll and 360º Swivel or PRG-UNV Projector Mount offering ±20º Pitch, ±10º Roll and 360º Swivel*
  • * PRGS-UNV comes with WL-AU-PST600A-W, WL-AU-PST1200A-W and WL-AU-PST1600A-W models PRG-UNV comes with WL-AU-PST600A, WL-AU-PST1200A and WL-AU-PST1600A models