Accuscreens - Electric
Accuscreens Electric Screens
The AccuScreens® Electric Screen is designed to provide years of satisfying viewing in your home theater, conference room, or classroom.


All AccuScreens Electric Screens are manufactured with our BalanceView matte white viewing surface, providing the optimum in viewing pleasure. Brilliant colors and outstanding contrast capabilities bring out the best in your projector!


  • Can be installed on the wall or hung from the ceiling
  • Comes complete with an easy to use remote control
  • Viewing surface is easily washed with soap and water


    Electric Screen - SPECIFICATIONS

    • Euro-White screen case to blend in with any décor
    • Synchronous Electric Motor is so quiet, you’ll never hear the screen operate!
    • Easy to use Remote Control allows you to activate the screen from anywhere in the room, or use the handy in-line switch!
    • The Plug-and-Play electrical cord means that no hard wiring is required! Simply plug into a convenient wall outlet.
    • BalanceView matte white viewing surface to optimize the brilliant color palette of the projector
    • Available in 7’, 8’ and 10’ diagonal NTSC/PAL format and 92”, 100”, 106” and 119” HDTV format. Larger than a flat panel TV!
    • HDTV Sizes include black masking above the image, so you can mount the case high above the viewing area!
    • Can be easily installed on the wall or from the ceiling!
    • The screen surface is washable with soap and water